Hand in Hand for Aid and Development - Gaza Emergency Appeal

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development - Gaza Emergency Appeal



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In the face of the rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis that has engulfed Gaza, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development is launching an urgent appeal. Our mission is clear: to provide critically needed medical supplies, medications, food and winter supplies to those who are suffering amidst this unfolding emergency.

The situation on the ground is rapidly deteriorating, with a profound impact on innocent civilians, including children, women, and the elderly. The dire need for medical aid is compounded by the growing scarcity of food and the onset of cold weather.

Thousands are injured and wounded, desperately in need of urgent treatment, medicine, and the compassionate care of healthcare workers in overwhelmed hospitals. The shortage of medical supplies and kits has placed a heavy burden on our medical colleagues who are working tirelessly to provide patient care in this challenging environment. In addition to the critical medical necessities, there is an immediate and pressing need for comprehensive aid in the form of food baskets to combat the escalating issues of hunger and malnutrition, and for essential winter items such as blankets, warm clothing, and heating supplies. These are vital to ensure the well-being and protection of the vulnerable populations against the harsh cold conditions, further exacerbating their plight in this crisis. This expanded support is essential to address the multifaceted nature of the emergency, ensuring that both health and basic human needs are met during these challenging times.

Now, more than ever, your generous donation can make an incredible difference in saving lives during this critical period.

Your support will directly contribute to ensuring that those affected by this crisis, especially the most vulnerable receive the vital medical care they desperately need, as well as the necessary food and warmth to survive these harsh conditions.

Since 2020 Hand in Hand for Aid and Development has been on the ground in Gaza distributing medical supplies, fuel, food baskets and clean water. Now, we are expanding our efforts to include the distribution of essential winter items to help those facing the cold weather without adequate resources.

The humanitarian needs in Gaza are expected to grow significantly, and they will require even more support in the weeks and months to come. By donating to our appeal, you become a lifeline to those who are most vulnerable in the face of this crisis.

Your kindness can make a world of difference.

Donate now for lifesaving healthcare intervention and to provide food and warmth; civilians’ lives are our utmost concern.